Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Touchscreen Problem on my Laptop

Well It was a beauty, and I allready was having problems with it, it was a Laptop HP tx1000, with Windows Vista, filled up with tecnology... nice looking laptop, but... Damn it there allways has to be a but...

HP TX 1000 + Windows Vista

Problem 1:
- WebCam doesn't work with Messenger, in Audio and Video configuration, the image goes black and there is no image, msn messenger crashes down.

Frustrated expiriences:
- Try to restore factory drivers Thru HP restore partition. Cupidazul
- Try to restore factory instalation of Messenger. Cupidazul
- Try to install / uninstall driver, install older versions of the driver, install last updates of the driver from HP website ask for testfixes from Microsoft. Cupidazul
- Your own tests will be here for you to say...

Initial solutions:
1- Install Chicony_Driver
(Use all steps described in:

Tested and Working:
- Install driver ChiconyDriver (Worked for me Cupidazul)
- Your own solutions will be here for you to say...

Problem 2:

TouchScreen miss-adjusted, 1/2 left part esquerda of LCD when touched with the pen shows a desviation of 2mm aprox., plus 2mm of LCD's right border not reachable with pen.

Frustrated expiriences:
- Calibrate Touchscreen [Start -> Control Panel -> Tablet PC Definitions-> Calibrate (General bar)]
- Install another Calibration software/driver from Penmount. This software does nothing more than to do the same call has shown in "Tested and Working".
- You can also find a calibrator on the Internet All_In_One_2k_XP_Vista_4.3.8.4913, however the tests that I did wheren't so sucessfull, since the touchscreen weren't has calibrated has the option "Tested an Working" did. I had some problems with the driver that remained on my system even after I uninstalled the software, what I did to solve this is on the number :"How to Restore your System".

Tested and Working:
- After much investigation I found out thar we can manually activate Calibration via command-line, just go to:
Start -> tabcal (write on Start Search)

I also found out that "tabcal" can have parameters:
tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=5,175,512,849,1062,1275 YGridPts=4,137,300,463,630,796

(after calibration logoff or restart to apply settings)

The Options XGridPts and YGridPts have been tested to create a grid, tested still with several variations but this configuration worked best for my screen resolution 1280x800.

I should note that I erased my definitions from the Registry before this Calibration, for the User and the LocalMachine, never do this without making a copy of those keys, thats what I did:

(right-click on LinearityData and first "export" then "delete")

And all the small anoying deviations were solved, now wherever I touch the pen, the mouse follows its move.
I just think that I would be so much better if Microsoft made a better Calibration tool, or at least one that gave these options to users, It would save allot of time and trouble to users, some of those users changed their laptops or sent them for repair, all due to a problem so simple has this one.

Problem 3:
- Your reported problem will be here...


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